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Introducing the U-Taste Kitchen Cooking Tong Set, a premium upgrade for all your culinary needs.

U-Taste 16 inch Midnight Blue Kitchen Tong: Extra Long Cooking Tong made of 18/8 Stainless Steel, with Sturdy Metal Tips, Non Slip Silicone Handle, and Smooth Locking for BBQ Serving

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Introducing the U-Taste Kitchen Cooking Tong Set, a premium upgrade for all your culinary needs. Crafted with customer experience and eco-friendliness in mind, U-Taste has incorporated valuable feedback from similar products on Amazon to create an enhanced version. These tongs are built to last, featuring 18/8 stainless steel handles and BPA free silicone that guarantees durability, sturdiness, and immunity to rust, color fading, or deformation. The handles are specially coated with BPA free rubber to ensure a comfortable and secure grip, eliminating any slipping mishaps.

Not only do these tongs boast superior construction, they also come with an innovative and ergonomic locking mechanism. Equipped with added gaskets, locking and unlocking the tongs is effortless and smooth. The inclusion of larger stainless steel springs strikes the perfect balance between functionality and versatility, preventing them from being too tight or too loose when gripping food. Additionally, the sturdy pin that holds the two parts of the tong together ensures long-lasting performance, eliminating any concerns of breakage.

Designed with precision, the well-made tips of these tongs can securely hold items up to an impressive 15 KG. Composed of high heat resistant 18/8 stainless steel, these tips are not only safe to handle during daily cooking but are also expertly scalloped for a firm grip. The tips have undergone special processing techniques to maximize their strength, making them reliable for various cooking tasks. Plus, with a generous 16-inch length, these tongs are ideal for grilling, providing added convenience and a safe distance from the heat. When it comes to cleaning, you'll be pleased to know that these tongs are dishwasher safe, allowing for hassle-free maintenance. Elevate your kitchen experience and upgrade to the U-Taste Kitchen Cooking Tong Set today.

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productWeight: 8.1 lb
dimensions: 17.2 x 1.77 x 1.5 in
asins: B0BB9NMFCV
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Item model number: KT02M-16-MB