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Neon Orange Paracord Rope by FISHLUND, 50ft, 550 lb Capacity

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★550 PARACORD - FISHLUND paracord has 7 inner strands, consisting of 3 100% nylon yarns each and wrapped with 32 strands nylon fiber braided sheath★PARACHUTE CORD - 50ft/15M length, 5/32-inches (4mm) diameter, neon orange, mil-spec tactical cord is a reliable survival gear with up to 550 lb/249 kg tensile strength. Durable nylon cord, ideal equipment for outdoor activities★MULTIFUNCTION PARACORD - Type III paracord is so versatile that does a great job on braiding bracelet, dog collars or leashes, lanyards, keychains, coasters or cozies, bottle handle, wrapping hatchets/knives/gun, shoelace. All in all, the uses of paracord really come down to your imagination.★STRONG ROPE - Due to the multi-strand structure and 100% nylon material, the FISHLUND paracord was given its superb strength, toughness, flexibility, and no frays characteristics. Besides, a flexible cord will keep its basic function even if a few inner strands break apart due to being nicked.★EDC GEAR - The FISHLUND paracord plays a vital role in camping, hiking, survival, fishing, kayaking, crafting, decoration, etc. Accessorize and personalize your EDC gear, add visibility and grip, invaluable in Emergency Situations, and essentials for your EDC.

Product details
productWeight: 4.8 lb
dimensions: 8.54 x 5.31 x 0.71 in
asins: B0BBSXCJ48
Group IDs:
Item model number: Paracord
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